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Are We Creating “Me-Monsters”?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saw this posting in several sites and thought to myself, “If I post it, am I one of them?” Then thought, “If I do not post it, some may not see it and it is worth seeing then contemplating on weather we ourselves are “Me-Monsters” or for those who have children, are we creating “Me-Monsters” in them?”

Sadly, I think a great blind spot for Christians in social media is self-promotion. It is very appealing to hunger and thirst for a wide readership or work diligently for links, mentions, “retweets”, or new followers. This inordinate desire impacts our behavior online. We become self-promoters, constantly talking about ourselves and pointing to what others are saying about us. We become, as Brian Regan calls it, Me-Monsters. It is an enemy to meekness and, fundamentally, it is unchristian behavior. The video below is funny, but its makes an observation about behavior Christians should be quick to die to.

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