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5 Reasons to Attend Covenant Renewal Weekend

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The sand gnats are biting, the deer flies are buzzing, the leaves are blowing from the oaks and it is the time of year that we celebrate our Covenant Renewal Weekend. As we scratch those bites and work by the sweat of our brow to pile up the leaves for burning we are reminded that this is not our home. God has entered into covenant with us through the blood of his Son and as he was raised from the dead he has freed us from the fires of misery. He is establishing his kingdom and coming again to make all things new. Therefore our hope is in the fulfillment of his covenant that we will be free from sin, misery and death, the creation will be freed from its futility and we shall live with him forevermore in the presence of his glory as the bride of Christ. This hope is secured in his unending covenant toward us his church. But this covenant he has made with us all unites us together as a covenant people. We are living stones that are being built into the household of faith. We are parts of the body all united to the head who is Christ. We are united by faith to Jesus Christ and our union in him makes an inevitable union with one another. And it is in this union that his law is fulfilled in love. The very proof of his covenant with us is our relationship of love with one another in his covenant. This is why we gather each year to eat, dance, share, sing, learn, eat some more, and worship together. We are remembering and renewing God’s covenant with us in Christ while we are renewing our covenant love together in Christ centered fellowship.

Let me give you five reasons why you should participate in this years Covenant Renewal Weekend.

1. You need to dance. Every year Ron and Jeanne Hannon clean out their garage or (off their dance floor) to make room for you to cut the rug at a Ho Down at the Hannons. The leadership of Redeemer Presbyterian Church does not believe dancing is a sin. Therefore we think you need to come and swing your partner and dosi do with your covenant family on Friday night.

2. You need to sing. There are those who would say that singing is a more sanctified practice than dancing because though both are in the Bible it is singing that we see in hear in heaven and not dancing. I am not going to argue the finer points of the theology of dancing here but I do know we are commanded to sing and make melody to the Lord with all our hearts with thanksgiving together. Therefore it is of great importance that you come and learn to sing as one body at our singing school on Saturday.

3. You need to eat. There is no way one can go hungry in Brunswick Georgia. Walking four blocks on G Street one can have two to three fulfilling meals each day. But when one unites themselves in covenant with the body of Christ at Redeemer Presbyterian Church the opportunities to be well fed are endless. And on Covenant Renewal Weekend every gathering is around food. There is a theological purpose in this thus your need to eat is not only personal it is spiritual. You can begin on Friday night with Bar b Q, then on to a light lunch on Saturday after singing your heart out, and culminate it all with a feast to remember on the lawn at Midway Congregational Church.

4. You need to learn. Some of you need to learn to dance, some of us need to learn to sing, some of you need to learn more about one another, some need to learn to cook something new, some need to learn to eat something new, and some need to learn more about the history of the church at Midway as an encouragement and inspiration to our being the church at Brunswick. Covenant renewal is about continued learning to be the body of Christ.

5. You need to love. We are called to love the Lord in worship and we will do that together twice on his day around his word and his sacrament. And we are called to love one another. We can do this as we seek to support the church in it’s work and worship to the best of our ability. Love to one another means making one another and time spent with one another a priority. It means making renewal and advancement in our relationships together during times like this. Covenant Renewal Weekend is a time to demonstrate your love to the Lord and one another in a significant way.

Will you spend a lot of time with people from the church Friday through Sunday? Yes. Will you get tired? Yes. Will you have to cook and clean, drive, pack up the car and unpack? Yes. Will you not get as much done around the house that you wanted to? Yes. Will you have to stay home and not go anywhere that weekend? Yes. Will your schedules suffer? Yes. Will this weekend cost you in regards to money, time and comfort? Yes. Is this how the covenant community of Christ grows in love with the Lord and one another? Yes. Should you join your church family for the Covenant Renewal Weekend? Yes.

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