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God of Peace

Friday, February 12, 2010
It un-devils but not un-mans

"And the very God of peace santify you wholly" … (I Thessalonians 5:23)

Christianity abolishes not affection, but rectifies it. It does not dry up the streams of sorrow, joy, hatred, etc., but only turns them into the right channel; it does not remove their being, but their ill-being.
Religion slays not, but sanctifies, affections. It does not un-man a man, but only un-devil him. Grace is like the percolating or draining of salt water through the earth; it only takes away the brackishness and unsavouriness of our affections and faculties. It kills not Isaac, but the ram. It doesn't break, but only tunes, the strings of nature. It destroys not, but advances, nature.
When you are godly, you have more innocent humanity than ever. You may exercise human affections and actions as much as you desire, but just don't damn yourselves. You may eat without being gluttons; drink without being drunk; buy and sell without making a sale of your good conscience. Grace gives leave to everything except your souls.

– William Jenkyn, Puritan Sermons, Vol. 3, p. 125

The power of the Law is to 'unkennel sins and make them take hold on a man's soul.'

– Vavasor Powell

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