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Reverence for the Sabbath – Author Unknown to me

Saturday, January 30, 2010
Having lived not without habitual reverence for the Sabbath, yet without that attention to its religious duties which Christianity requires, [I resolve]: 1. To rise early and in order to it, to go to sleep early on Saturday.
2. To use some extraordinary devotions in the morning.
3. To examine the tenor of my life, and particularly the last week; and to mark my advances in religion, or recession from it. 4. To read the Scripture methodically with such helps as are at hand.
5. To go to church twice.
6. To read books of divinity, either speculative or practical.
7. To instruct my family.
8.To wear off by meditation any worldly soil contracted in the week. (PRAYERS & MEDITATIONS, a devotional classic).
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