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The Forgotten Sola of the Reformation by Dr. Glenn Knecht

Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 25, 2009
1 John 2:27

Exordium: When the men of old Scotland went out to battle by clans they shouted out their slogans. Strong crisp words that said who they were and what they were doing.

That was also the way of the Reformers. They had slogans too.

Sola GratiaGrace alone

Sola FideFaith alone

Sola Scripturathe Bible alone

Sola Dei GloriaGod’s glory alone and

Sola Ipsethe individual alone.

It is that one that we want to focus on just now “Sola Ipse”. The Reformation has been called “the declaration of intellectual independence”. It stresses the worth and the place of the individual as over against the institution.

And out of that spirit and the writings of the Reformation came democracy in the Western World with its conviction that the state ought to serve the person rather than the person the state.

How indebted we are to this truth of the Sola Ipse. We need to find out more deeply what it means.

{several paragraphs later}

Solo Ipse means you have what you need to understand the basics of Scripture. Don’t surrender that right to that to any other man.


Let it be a steady thing for you. Don’t be like a butterfly flitting about with every latest fad and doctrine. Stay with what you have learned. Continue in what your have. “He that endures to the end shall be saved.” Salvation is in the continuance.

Each one must take the responsibility for his own interpretation. The Church is not going to tell you what to believe a verse of the Bible means. We will try to help you know what it seems to mean and what it calls you to. We will do our very best, but in the last analysis you must determine what it means and act upon it.

We tend to believe and apply Scripture according to our likes our dislikes of the preacher. But that is foolish. We shall be held accountable for the whole Word of God and our interpretation of it no matter who the messenger was that first introduced us to it.

You cannot say, if you are wrong, “The Church told me it meant thus and so.” You have the anointing just as your teachers do and you are responsible for what the meaning of Scripture is.

The accountability happens when He returns. When we see Him shall we have confidence that our understanding of what He said squares with what He meant to say to us. Did we get the message right? We will know!

For that, we cannot depend on any human being, but the anointing in us will help us prepare for that moment.

Application: And if this anointing is not yours now, you must ask serious questions. What must I do to be saved? For all who are saved have this anointing. They have the Holy Spirit cooperating with the Scriptures. Therefore, they know all things essential.

What we must have is faith to embrace Christ as our own Savior and He will put the anointing in our hearts by which more and more knowledge about Him will grow in us.

And a word to believers:

Don’t yield allegiance to anything but God-to no rival but God.

Don’t let someone else do your thinking and your discerning for you.

Conclusion: The anointing came first upon Christ and then it dripped down from His Robes on us. (See Psalm 133:2-3) The oil of anointing is what binds the whole body together. The same Spirit dwells in us all. It is that oil that energizes and renews and restores and reforms us.

Glen C. Knecht

To read the article in its entirety, click here.

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