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Contributing Factors to the Resurgence of Calvinism – Ligon Duncan

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Read the entire article here at God and Culture as well as other articles on this week's conference at Dr. Beeke's Seminary.

Nine Factors Contributing to the Resurgence of Calvinism:

  1. Three Preachers:
  2. Books
  3. An Evangelist.
  4. The Battle for the Bible.
  5. Two Church Controversies, in the old Presbyterian Church and in the Southern Baptist Church.
  6. A book and an Anglican.
  7. A Theologian Philosopher who can popularize: Robert Charles Sproul.
  8. A force of nature named John Piper.
  9. The decline and death of liberalism.
How do we respond?

You might say there are all sorts of deficiencies in this movement, especially in the area of the doctrine of the church. It desperately wants community but it doesn’t want authority and yet you cannot have community without authority. We must serve this generation by showing them from Scripture how we are to live together in the church, the pillar and ground of the truth.

This generation is confused about methodology. They have bought into the error that says your methodology is unrelated to your theology and that your method is unrelated to your message. We must serve them by showing them that God gives us means as well as methods. He has told us how to preach and how to pastor and these principles are universally applicable and universally required by the word of God. Let’s learn not only to preach by the book but also to minister by the book.

This generation is fatherless, with young men aching for a godly man to pour his life into them. they come from homes that are broken, with fathers who were too busy to invest his life into them, or lost. We must be fathers to them –  not just give them words of criticize them, but to come along side and love them and gently correct them and show them a more excellent way.

What characterizes the first 8 factors of this reformed resurgence:

  1. Every single one whether men or institutions or denominations have been motivated by this philosophy: it is faithfulness, not success that we seek. When we began seeking numbers, prminence and the praise of the world we guaranteed the vanity of our work.
  2. All of these men, institutions, and denominations had a big view of God. With one interesting exception, the only churches growing in the Western world are churches with a big view of God.
  3. All of these men, institutions, and movements have strong confessional convictions held simultaneously with broad sympathies. We often hear that the key to us staying united is to downplay theological difference and to play up sharing the gospel. Wrong. If you can’t agree on what the gospel is, then scaling down theology and scaling up mission is futile.
  4. In all these men, institutions, and movements God chose to favor them outside of their narrow ecclesiastical constituencies.

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