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Homemade Bow Ties

Monday, June 8, 2009

There is a “friend” in Rock Hill who’s wife is now making BowTies. I see this as their start to entrepreneurship move to millionaires. Once she makes over 50, the price will most likely go up and the demand will follow with it. So, order yours today from her. See this post here.

Her recent post on her blog:

So, if you want one, you can choose your color or combination of colors.  Just e-mail me at ellielaveer(at)  I’ve even had requests for diamond point and straight style bows.

I’m still chuckling that this Ohioan is selling handmade seersucker bowties.

So get yours today. While your there at her post, spend some time getting to know her and her blog style.

Need to know more about Bow ties, see this link from a previous post.

Need to know how to tie one, see this link.

Ellie is also a singer and can be heard here.

Ellie can be followed on Twitter here.

Her husband is on staff at First ARP in Rock Hill.

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