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The Parenting Years

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Covenant Life offers (so far) 5 Seminars on parenting through their Family Life Ministry in the series called “The Parenting Years“.  Check back to their website for more resources and offerings. (I love how clean their website is and how user-friendly it is as well)

These Audios are available:

Parenting Ages 15 to 18
By Kenneth Maresco | April 18, 2009
God’s Role and Our Role | Audio
A Teen’s Relationship with God | Audio
The Importance of Relationships in a Teen’s Life | Audio
Question and Answer Session | Audio
Overall Outline (PDF, 232kb)

Parenting Ages 11 to 14
By Greg Somerville | March 14, 2009
Changing Relationships | Audio
Emerging Convictions in a Changing World | Audio
Changing Bodies and Minds | Audio
Overall Outline (PDF, 244kb)

Parenting Ages 6 to 10
By Kenneth Maresco | Jan. 17, 2009
Biblical Principles of Parenting | Audio
Shepherding Toward Conversion | Audio
Shepherding Your Child’s Heart | Audio
Overall Outline (PDF, 168kb)
Additional Resources: “Sowing Plan” (PDF, 56kb) | Plan to Overcome Complaining (PDF, 54kb)

Parenting Ages Infant to 5
By Brian Chesemore | Nov. 15, 2008
Training, Discipline, and the Rod | Audio | Outline (PDF, 136kb)
Biblical Principles of Parenting | Audio | Outline (PDF, 104kb)

Audios will be coming shortly for Parenting Ages 19 to 21

Parenting Ages 19 to 21
By Bob Kauflin | May 16, 2009
Bob discusses transitioning from authority to counselor, preparing children to leave home, and navigating relationships in a way that honors God.
Audio and outline from Bob’s seminar will be available shortly.

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