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2009 Twin Lakes Fellowship Audios

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dear Saints, these audios are in their “raw”, no editing on my side. These are also my recordings, which were with a Shure Lavalier (when interviews get posted by either myself or Feeding on Christ, they were recorded with a Crown PCC Series microphone) and a Marantz Recorder. There were several occasions when the conference’s system was giving issues. Please contact me directly by leaving a comment.

More can be found out about the Twin Lakes Fellowship by being directed to this link.

I will break these down into Worship audios, Seminar audios and Devotional audios.

Worship (the audios will be the link with the title of the message)

  1. Dr. Douglas F. KellyDeuteronomy 23:3-6God Turns Curses into Blessings
  2. Dr. Derek W.H. ThomasRomans 11:33-36The Majesty of God
  3. Dr. Ligon DuncanTitus 1:1/1 Timothy 6:2-4What is Theology For?

Seminars (the audios will be the link with the title of the message)

  1. Ron GleasonHerman Bavinck
  2. Ligon DuncanSystematic Theology and Pastoral Ministry
  3. David RobertsonEmergent Calvinism
  4. Terry JohnsonBiblical, Historical, and Theological Case for Reformed Worship
  5. Jonathan LeemanWhat in the World is the Missional Church?

Devotionals (these may not all be in their entirety, but enjoy what’s offered)

“Now you got the truth…… Take it home!” (Dr. Ligon Duncan)

Soli Deo Gloria!
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