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My YouTube Subscriptions

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here is a list of those I “follow”, subscribe to, on YouTube. If there are others you believe I should follow, please advise in the comments section. Some I’m not sure why I follow, but they must have had a video that I appreciated, so I may sort through this list and delete some (when I have time).

  1. allirogersmusic (music)
  2. amywoodtv (upstate news)
  3. andrewosenga (music)
  4. andrewpetersonmusic (music)
  5. angiegoff (out of town news)
  6. awesomemillion
  7. BarackObamadotcom (POTUS)
  8. BeholdtheLamb (music)
  9. BeingTransformed (ministry)
  10. ccotc2000 (ministry)
  11. cfmmk
  12. colacvb
  13. cyrusproject (friend/ministry)
  14. derekwebb (music)
  15. DGconferences (ministry)
  16. DGdwyl (ministry)
  17. ipiphanist
  18. Jfsardina
  19. KeithAndKristynGetty (music)
  20. letourdefrance (sports)
  21. markmsloan
  22. mhcseattle (ministry)
  23. mhcwestseattle (ministry)
  24. MontyPython (humor)
  25. NewSpringChurch (ministry)
  26. NikeAdvertising
  27. PalmettoFamily (politics)
  28. SIMUSA (friend/ministry)
  29. TheGospelCoalition (ministry)
  30. ThePalmettoScoop (news/politics)
  31. theResurgence (ministry)
  32. TheRoyalChannel (politics)
  33. thestateonline (news)
  34. thewayofthemaster (ministry)
  35. togetherforadoption (ministry)
  36. tonypmorgan
  37. whitehouse (politics)
  38. The Espinosas
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