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Internet Integrity

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tim Challies reviews “Virtual Integrity” by Daniel Lohrmann, who directs Michigan’s Office of Enterprise Security, is concerned about integrity theft. Challies gives the book a good review and a must read for those who access the internet. The author provides a topic and practical suggestions to forming “Seven Habits of Online Integrity.” The habits he advocates are:

  1. refresh your values in cyberspace by comparing your online life with your offline life to see if the values you take online are the same you hold in real life;
  2. pledge personal online integrity, simply creating and adhering to a pledge that you will maintain your values online;
  3. seek trusted accountability to ensure that you will maintain your integrity;
  4. apply helpful technology that will protect you and help steer you away from some of the internet’s seedy underbelly;
  5. balance online and offline life to ensure that you are not being consumed by addiction to the internet;
  6. practice humble authenticity through self-examination and by avoiding “virtual cliffs” in cyberspace;
  7. become a cyber ambassador for good by extending Christian values and Christian character into cyberspace.—virtual-integrity.php

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