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How to Teach Your Son to be a Man

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

… and what every father should look for a son-in-law.

The author writes, “If I were to stare in my son’s eyes, and explain what it is that makes a man, I would not breath a word about how much that man might bench, or in which athletics he may excel. My inventory would be different; a list our grandfathers would surely approve.”

Some points in the post include:

  • I would tell my son that he must never walk away from what he knows is right
  • Proper grooming reveals our respect. Respect for ourselves, respect for those in our company, and respect for those we happen to meet.
  • My boy will know to open the door for his wife, because every day he watches me open the door for mine. (My Question: Are you showing your son how one should live? Are you showing your daughter what she should find in a suitor?)

The author continues, “I can only imagine how the beat of the world will be bouncing by the time my son is teaching his boy to be a man, but I do know that by being the best father I can be, I’m shaping a fraction of our collective future. As I teach my son, so I teach my grandson. Those values that are most important to me, are the values that will grow dearest to him.”

This is not a complete list, but a good start. To read the entire article, click here.

The Question is, what are you doing that is teaching? What also are some other items, maybe with Biblical backing, that we should teach to our sons and thus continue the “generation to generation” teaching?

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