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Repost: A Lord’s Day Morning Prayer – Ligon Duncan

Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Pres Jackson has had several good posts on their blog lately. The most recent one comes from Dr. Duncan again. It is on a Lord’s Day morning prayer and it is not a Valley of Vision, but from Matthew Henry.

A family prayer for the Lord’s Day morning – Matthew Henry

Most gracious God and our Father in our Lord Jesus Christ, it is good for us to draw near to thee, the nearer the better, and it will be best of all when we come to be nearest of all in the kingdom of glory.

Thou hast thy being of thyself and thy happiness in thyself; we therefore adore thee as the great Jehovah: We have our being from thee, and our happiness is in thee, and therefore it is both our duty and our interest to seek thee, to implore thy favour, and to give unto thee the glory due unto thy name.

We bless thee for the return of the morning light, and that thou causest the day-spring to know its place and time. O let the Day-spring from on high visit our dark souls, and the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing under his wings. (READ THE REST HERE)

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