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9Marks’ Resources on A Theological Vision for Families

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The author, Andrew Nichols, looks to answer the question, “Is Satan more concerned about the families in your church than you are?”, in a 3-part essay.

  1. Essay 1 “Why Families Matter to God”
  2. Essay 2 “How Families Minister to the Church and the World”
  3. Essay 3 “Raising Boys vs. Raising Girls”

Andrew Nichols, a lawyer in Washington DC, teaches parenting at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. He is married with four children.

In addition to the above, Dr. Mohler addressed his thoughts on “Large Families” and says, “These days, the issue of family size can be controversial — just ask any couple with several children.  Large families are often seen as oddities and treated as an imposition.  Why would anyone willingly have so many kids?  Don’t they know about birth control?

Few comments reveal as much about our times as these.  Those with even the slightest historical awareness would know that large families were the norm throughout human history, and for good reason.  In the Bible, large families are seen as a sign of God’s blessing and children are celebrated as God’s gifts.  Only with the development of modern birth control and the transformations of values and worldviews that followed, does any other view of large families make sense.” Read more here. If you do not listen yet, Dr. Mohler has a great weekday radio show which can be downloaded the following day or listen to live each day. You can see the radio offerings at this link.

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