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Blueberry Picking….Again

Friday, July 11, 2008

Since posting our July 4th Post which included our daily activity that day of Blueberry Picking we’ve had several folks ask us where is this place. So to assist all who want to know about this great little secret that is known locally in Chapin, we will post a little more about here including directions to get there. Since we went again today, we’ll post those pictures. Today we picked about 9.5lbs of blueberries in 2.5 hours.

To get to Mr. Folk’s Blueberry Patch
From I-26 get off Exit 91 (Chapin Exit)
Travel towards the town of Chapin
After passing the High School on the left and the cemetary on the right, you will make a left onto E. Boundary Road (Google Map link). There is Mt. Horeb Lutheran Church on the corner.
Travel about .25 mile and you will see a large white sign which says, “Collins Produce” or “Collins Blueberry Patch” on your left. This is the place.
Travel down the dirt/rock driveway along the field’s edge and you will see a small shack with parking to the left.
YOU’VE ARRIVED and tell him The Espinosas (S-Pin-0-sah). Doubt it will get you anything but a warm smile, which he and his wife provide anyway free of charge. It’s just fun to see how many people will tell him.
In our photos from today, you’ll see some familiar faces who happened to see our previous post and decided to go on up today as well.


Photos from today’s adventure:

Lots of ripe berries today.

He did better today at picking more blue ones than green ones, though in the end, he ate both and did not care.

We should have paid for another pound of berries with what the boys were eating.

Singleness of purpose.

On to the blueberry popsicles when it was time for a snack.

From To see more photos from today, click here.
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