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The Boys and Pictures from Slip & Sliding and EdVenture

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Boys: JMEjr still is not potty trained though has gone on the potty (#1) several times, just does not want to go regularly. Why should he? It’s so much more efficient to just go anywhere, then to have to go to the actual room with a specified location and tool to go to the bathroom. BUT he has gotten to a place where my precious WLW can leave clothes out for him and he can put them on himself. That is pretty cool and handy. CJE continues to progress in his speech. Though there are not any consistent actual words coming out, you can watch him watching you to try to get the words out. It’s very endearing.

Below are photos taken on July 5 and July 7. The 5th’s were a part of the outside slip and slide while the 7ths come from the children’s museum, Edventure. We became weekday members which allows us free entry into the museum all year but only on weekdays. Who would want to go on the weekend anyway! Recently (not on this particular s & s day) I’ve added a small children’s slide to the top of the slip & slide and now they get some speed.

From View more of June 5th Slip & Slide

Now from Edventure….

From More from Edventure, click here
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