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July 4, AD 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

We had a very fun and eventful day on Friday, July 4. First thing in the morning, we woke up, ate breakfast and took a drive to Chapin to visit a blueberry farm which someone at our church just purchased. The blueberry picking was fun, different than strawberry picking, mostly because it takes soo much more blueberries to fill a pail than it does strawberries. But after about an hour, we walked away with about 3lbs and only paid $1.60 per pound. Now that is a great deal! In the photos below you shall also see we walked away with some homemade blueberry popsicles.
We came home, rested and prepared for a late night which we knew were going to have. We gathered with several families from church for a cookout. There were about 17 adults and about that many or slightly more children. PACKED! And great!. It was really fun to see this many children. The weather kept us outside but for short opportunities and we were thankful that the Bonnett home has a fabulous upstairs playroom. We ended the evening shooting some fireworks, which this year JMEjr did not like as much as last year and CJE was enamored with the loud booms and colorful displays. Getting back home around 10:00 p.m. was late for the boys but they did great all in all.

The Morning Adventure:

On to the Evening Festivities:

To view more from this album view here:

July 4 AD 2008

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