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Ligonier’s June Tabletalk

Friday, May 30, 2008

June’s edition of Ligonier Ministries’ Tabletalk will offer the reader articles which deal with “Religious Pluralism”. Here is a rundown of those who have offered their writing in this edition:


  1. Robert Rothwell “A Brave New World”
  2. Andrew Hoffecker “Breaking Boundaries”
  3. Bruce A. Ware “Only One Way

Daily Studies

  1. Keith A. Mathison ” New Life”
  2. Joel R. Beeke “How the Kingdom Comes”
  3. Jerry Bridges “The Providence of Jesus”
  4. Tom Ascol “The Heart of the Problem”


  1. Terry L. Johnson – Pastor’s Perspective
  2. Robert M. Norris – Pro Ecclesia: For the Church
  3. Niel Nielson – Generation to Generation
  4. Keith Mathison – Tolle Lege: Take Up and Read
  5. Tim Dick – International Outreach
  6. R.C. Sproul, Jr. – See Ye First
  7. Gene Edward Veith – Truth and Consequences

If you do not have a subscription, you may ask for a copy et gratis and for only less than a dollar and a half a month, you can subscribe….. SO DO IT!

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  1. Peter winn Martin permalink
    Sunday, July 5, 2009 7:30 pm

    Trying to find Truth or Consequences article where
    Veith speaks of church members called to be arms, eyes, etc, and not just “fannies” in seats and pews. Called to do something in his body. Can someone point me to the issue or e-mail me the article. I’d like to pass it on to my pastor.

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