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Strawberry Festival @ McLeod Farm in McBee, South Carolina

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The family including Lah Lah took and hour and fifteen minute road trip to McBee, SC. After exiting Interstate 20 and going through Camden and other towns with the names like, Cassatt, Bethune and several other smaller towns (so small there were not any stop lights between Camden and McBee and only one in McBee which was the landmark to turn right, we made it to McLeod Farms where excitement began, once again, in the family wagon upon seeing all the people and inflatable bouncies (which jmejr did not want to get on).

The weather was beautiful and our time was enjoyable. We got there about 11ish and left about 2ish. Upon getting there, we looked at some large farming equipment, then purchased tickets for the horse/wagon ride (which we saved for after lunch), got lunch at Big’s Meats and More and went to ride the horse driven wagons. JMEjr was privileged to sit with the drive and hold the reigns of Duke and Dan and drive them for several moments. He had a smile the entire time. Suppose to make the Messenger Newspaper on Wednesday, we’ll see. After the ride, we went to the 15+ acre strawberry patch to pick our own. You will see from the photos that CJE had a blast as well as the entire family but his shows more. JMEjr made a friend who happened to be the owner’s youngest son who we come to find out, will take over the family business as he is the 5th generation farmer. He will attend Clemson this Autumn. After picking berries (2.5 gallons), we went and found the strawberry ice cream, which again, CJE enjoyed thoroughly. Following all this, we began to pack up ourselves and head back to the house.

Full day, and a blessed day to be with family and make memories.

You can see all the photos here:

McLeod Farm Strawberry Festival
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