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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday woke up at 3:30 to head out to Turkey Hunt with friends. Saw two Hens. Had a good time.

Came home, jmejr wanted to hang out with me alone, so he and I went to RiverRunner to get him a new life jacket. The one which would have lasted him the longest was $100, we went with the $40 that will last him another year. Then we went to the Backpacker and go him a new pair of Crocs. I thought I would never get him an original pair but no one had imitations in his size which had the back strap on them. We’ll get good use out of them and here in SC, we can wear them almost all year. Came back home, had lunch outside with all the family. Our umbrella got broke during our last BIG rain storm, need to fix that and also get new parts for the grille. See if that happens this year. While playing outside after lunch, we decided to give jmejr his summer haircut. Which we did and he braved through the tickling of the clippers and I throw him into the shower afterward and prepared him for a nap. We all took a much needed nap. WHICH, btw, jmejr is not needing nor is he taking long naps anymore, which changes the dynamics a lot, especially for my precious WLW. We have begun a new rule that he must stay in his room until Four Zero Zero, in bed or playing quietly. Though cje is doing well at times with his naps.

After the naps, we all did little things like write thank you’s, bake cookies, play Nogun (sp?) on the computer. Then thought we were going to Moe’s to eat and all were excited, until I received a call from a good friend (who I happened to also see at 5:00 this morning) and he shared some news with us which changed our evening plans…… He shared how Riverbanks Zoo was offering a members only night and had food, drinks, dessert and entry was free since your a member. Apparently they do it once a month in the Spring and offer a different series each month. Last night was Enrichment Series which provided those there an opportunity to watch the zoo people offer to the animals items which stimulated their senses and see how the animals reacted. Such as, the Brown Bears were given blocks of ice to play with but they were placed in a card board box and they had to get into the box (which I am sure was covered with something that attracted them to want to get in the box). Then they also had animals out and about, such as snakes with snake handlers, tortoises, lizards, large birds. Also had areas of learning for the children. You could go to the farm and see pet Blondie, the pony. Hot dogs were $1, drinks were free. So for $6 we ate that evening. We would have spent twice that much at Moe’s. Oh, also, the boys, and I believe my precious WLW was so excited to do this also. We need to do a better job at keeping up with what’s going on in Columbia for our family to do. Feel free to let us know when you hear something.

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