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Tearing Down the Asherah

Thursday, March 6, 2008

We got an idea from our friends, the McGuires, to see if we could “convince” JMEjr to get rid of his pacifiers (idols as he and I call them). The McGuires posted a title called,  Eventful Day, where we learn about what one can do in a 10″ snow, what an almost 3 year old girls looks like in a big girl bed, and how easy it seemed for an almost 3 year old to get rid of her pacie. Read here to see how easy it went. So after reading their post, we thought we’d have some fun and give it a try. Not really knowing what the outcome would be, it did not matter.

Us: “jmejr, want to be a big boy”
JMEjr: “yes sir/ma’am, I do”
Us: “you want to throw your pacie away in the traaaaaaash? Won’t that be fun?”
JMEjr: “yes sir/ma’am, I do. Yeah, let’s do it!”
Us: “ok, let’s do it!”
JMEjr: “help me with the drawer please”
(we place his pacies in a drawer in his dresser)

His wonderful mother goes in to assist him with his drawer. During this entire time, we were as shocked as to how this is transpiring. Similar, I am sure to how our friends, the McGuires were.
He goes grabs his pacie and runs to the kitchen. He receives permission to open the lid on the trash. And he throws his pacie right in. Shocked, we are! Wow, as the Staples commercial and motto goes, “That was easy!”

Well it has gone somewhat easy since, BUT he has had several episodes of fussyness, uncontrollable crying, and at times inconsolable. This “tearing down the Asherah” has gone pretty well and we have found ourselves on several occasions wanting to do what Aaron did for the Israelites and create another idol for him, but we pray for strength and are asking the Lord for perseverance and steadfastness during this transition time. By the way, we began a transition a long time ago to go to only pacie at nap time, to only 1 pacie at nap time (he always like two when he slept) to now doing it without. We’ll keep you posted to how it is going. We are thankful to our friends for the encouragement to “just do it!” thank you for setting the standard.

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  1. Missy McGuire permalink
    Saturday, March 8, 2008 10:56 pm

    Praise God! That’s awesome! Glad to hear you are all doing well! We miss you guys!

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