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WetShaving, Old School Style

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I have begun to switch to a new style of shaving.

Out with the trendy three, four and even five bladed plastic razors. Some of these, which I shamefully must admit that I have used, even have a battery to assist with pulling out the hair for a closer shave.

I am now a Merkur Double Edge Razor shaver. Here is a picture of the razor.
Merkur Razor

I have enjoyed shaving with this and have found that using these man products also assist greatly. Honestly, I began using these prior to receiving the razor for my birthday and by even using these, with the prior razor, was very beneficial for my beard and face. I found the shaving to go much smoother and had less irritation.

Shaving Cream
Geo F Trumper Shaving Cream

For after the shave, I apply this,
Geo F Trumper Skin Food

For years, I have been a brush person and now find it helpful as when using the cream, I need not place a whole lot on the brush in order to work up a good lather. You would not believe how little cream I use. (this picture is only an example of what I use, this is not the actual one)
Shaving Brush

Now go out and give it a shot. If you want to see a difference in shaving, I would recommend starting with a brush and some good shaving cream or soap. Always stick with a cream/soap and an after lotion or splash which does not have alcohol AND does have glycerin. Something in this product is good for you and will assist with irritation. Also, learn how to shave. ALWAYS shave in the direction which your hair grows, NEVER against it. Now if you desire a close shave, shave the second time against your grain, but NEVER the first time. This produces ingrown hairs, etc.

I am also finding that this is actually more cost effective.

How to Shave (Some links to assist)

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  1. Wednesday, February 27, 2008 2:31 pm

    Congratulations! Isn’t traditional shaving amazing? Be sure to check out the traditional shaving sub-culture at forums like and, and my youtube ‘shaving’ channel at

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