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Our Time Away

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Many people did not realize that my precious WLW and I were able to advance this past weekend to a place called The Greystone Inn (history)on Lake Toxaway in North Carolina.

Weather reports called for rainy entire weekend and cold. What we received from the Lord was 60/65 degree days and sunshine. Oh how He shows off. We were gifted with this opportunity by a generous and selfless family. Thank you.

Heinitish Room

We selected to stay in the Heinitish Room. It had a four-post bed, windows on three sides of the room, and a fireplace. Each evening our bed was turned-down, chocolate Godiva mints placed on the pillow and super soft, super comfy robes were placed on the bed. Dinner was served in 7 courses (Friday and Saturday) and breakfast was served as a High Country Breakfast. If one wanted to they were willing to bring breakfast to your room. We selected to dine in the dining room which overlooked the 650 acre lake. Which by the way is stocked with walleye.

We took the most twistyest way to get there which was through Ceaser’s Head National Forest, which allowed for great scenery until we were received by fog which kept us from seeing 30 feet in front of us. On the way back we choose a way which was still full of curves and turns but not as much as the other. We were greeted by a wonderful bellhop who showed us around the mansion and property and then assisted with our bags to our room. We relaxed that evening, opted out of the cruise around the lake but did enjoy it the next evening.

Cruise Lake Toxaway

Dinner that evening was excellent. My precious WLW had the filet mignon with crispy beets and mashed potatoes with asparagus and I had something different (not that it was not good, it was excellent, but for those who do know me, you’ll know why I don’t remember). On Saturday evening my WLW had veal chops and I had……. ah swordfish. Oh on Friday I had duck, delicious. For breakfast we basically got whatever we wanted and however much you wanted. On Saturday after breakfast we drove into Brevard and spent 3 or 4 hours there. We walked, talked, shopped for family and friends. We ate at The Root Square (neat flooring in there, you’ll have to see it). Had gelato for dessert at a gelato shop. It was the best ice cream I have ever tasted. Came back to the mansion, took a light nap, got ready for the cruise, cruised, then dined again. Very relaxing and as my wife would say, “pampered also”.

For More Pictures (not many) click here, The Greystone Inn
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