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Christian Government

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This post will be political and long.

I recently received an email which had a letter from Dr. Dobson. The title of the letter from Dobson to his viewers is this, “Dr. Dobson: ‘ I Cannot, and Will Not, Vote for McCain'”. How many of y’all have received this? This was then forwarded to several folks from me to find out there thoughts. Here is one,

“Dear Joshua:
Our ancestors would have fired on Ft. Sumter but that might be a bit hasty. Let’s ask our politically astute gentleman, who we know.  I have no idea.  I do however agree with Dobson.  Rev. Beauregard C.”

The Rev. Beauregard and I waited for an answer from this “politcally astute gentleman” to respond, which he did and this is what he wrote,

“Dear Gentlemen,

I think Dr. Dobson is correct concerning his understanding of Sen. McCain’s positions. This has become increasingly evident via the exit polls and his capture of the ‘moderates.’ I am of the opinion that if Sen. McCain is nominated by the Republican Party, whomever the Democrats nominate shall most likely be the next President of these United States (unless Senators Clinton/O’Bama commit a glaring error in the days leading up to the general election).

For several months I have been preparing a series of sermons focusing on leadership that I anticipate preaching following the November elections (I may wait until January so they will be uninterrupted by holiday seasons). These are being prepared from I Samuel, I and II Kings, II Chronicles, Psalm 33, Ezekiel 34, etc.

I trust this season will be beneficial for us all. We need to be vigilant to both address/curse the darkness and manifest/speak the light allowing hope amidst tohu vobohu. We pray every blessing to our fair land from the Holy One of Israel.

I am attaching a document (link) that may be familiar to both of you so that you might dispatch it to those most interested in Christian Governance. I might also mention that Chapter 6 of Dr. Mohler’s latest book [Culture Shift (Book, Audio, Blog)] is quite good on the Supreme Court’s present address to the establishment clause of the United States Constitution.

II Chronicles 36:15f.; Daniel 9:6

So, what are your thoughts?

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