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Friday, January 25, 2008

I have not done an Around We Go in a while, so I thought rather than posting each of these seperate, I would do so in one post.

  • Josh Harris on Heidelberg Catechism 26 and 27
  • WTS offers teh Heidelberg Catechism in its entirety, click here.
  • From the ladies at GirlTalk, they are currently writing about Prayer and Fasting (FAM). This latest post deals with Monica, the mother of Augustine, The most famous of all praying mothers is probably Monica, the mother of Augustine. She has encouraged women for centuries to persevere in praying for their children, and her example can inspire us today as we pray for our family members. Jabez Burns (in the book Mom is reading, Mothers of the Wise and Good) quotes Augustine who relates the nature of his mother’s persistent prayers:

    “While I was yet walking in sin, often attempting to rise, and sinking still deeper, my dear mother, in vigorous hope, persisted in earnest prayer for me. I remember also, that she entreated a certain bishop to undertake to reason me out of my errors. ‘Your son,’ says he, ‘is too much elated at present, and carried away with  the pleasing novelties of his opinion, to regard any argument. Let him alone, only continue praying to the Lord for him; in the course of his study he will discover his error.’ All this satisfied not my anxious parent; with floods of tears she still persisted in her request, till a little out of patience, with her importunity, he said, ‘Be gone, good woman, it is impossible that the child of such tears should perish.’”

    Augustine did repent and put his trust in Christ at the age of 32. His conversion was yet another monument to the faithfulness of God in answering a persistent mother’s prayers.

  • John Donne’s Short Bio (ht: Dr. Grant)
  •  Visualization of cross references in the Bible
  • Steven Lawson answers the 10 Questions. Here are the first 5.
  • As always, the Family Room has posted recent audios and files for your family’s and your marriage growth.
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