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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Today’s reading in TableTalk comes from Matthew 2:1-6 with an emphasis on verse 2. What is located in the “Coram Deo” section of this devotional is what I plan to draw my attention to during this day. What is great is that the editor draws our attention to Matthew Henry and he writes, “the wise men are likely from Babylon and have had to take a long and arduous journey to find Jesus. Matthew Henry draws this application from this event: ‘Those who truly desire to know Christ, and find Him, will not regard pains or perils in seeking Him.’ [Editor goes on to write] What has it cost you to follow Jesus? Consider whether your devotion has cost you friends, family, income, or reputation, and if not, consider how eagerly you seek after Him.”

On an aside, the layout for TableTalk has changed and really looks nice. I find it more functional and more pleasing to the eyes with the color selection that was chosen. I’ll be the first to admit that over time, this too will grow tiresome and a change will be needed. I am not sure if this is being not content or desiring change such as transformation. We should all be changing from glory to glory. We should all be Romans 12:1-2 through out our journey to the Celestial City. But I agree and understand that we are a people who grow tired of the same, the ordinary (or what becomes ordinary) and if we don’t get something different we move on. This discontentment will hurt our generations to come in how they think and view our church today as we are already seeing if different movements occuring within Christendom already.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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