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Eating Out of House and Home

Friday, January 4, 2008

Our son, cje, is eating is out of house and home. He eats more than anyone in the house and more than his 2.5 year old brother, jmejr, ever did. CJE’s birthday is coming up, the 12th, and at that time he will be 1 year. My precious WLW ordered a cake, Nemo style, from Publix on Wednesday. Publix will also provide complimentary a small cake for the 1 year old with an order of a regular cake. This is the cake which allows the 1 year old to get nasty messy.

Back to CJE’s eating . . . My precious WLW brought the children to Wendy’s on Thursday with Neenee and CJE ate 3 entire chicken nuggets, a half-dozen french fries, and a packet of mandarin orange fruit. JMEjr has just now begun to eat 3 and 4 nuggets himself and eats only several fries. We have folks tell us in the church’s nursery that they are shocked by how much he eats.

My precious WLW was just sharing with me that we will have a considerable amount extra (not really extra but able to direct elsewhere) of funds when JMEjr begins to use the potty* and CJE begins to eat regular food.

*on the potty note, jmejr went for the first time on his own potty last night. He received several Mike and Ike’s for this accomplishment. He went #2.

What a wonderful year to look forward to. Praise Him from who all blessings flow!

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