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Life Changes

Monday, December 10, 2007

Lately our boys, both, have been sleeping straight through the night. This is rare.CJE has been maturing in ways we are not ready to see him mature, yet in the end, we’ll be glad to see. He has begun several months ago (2 or 3) to begin to crawl around like crazy. ALL over the place. About a month or so ago, he began “cruising” or “kruzing” around. This is standing up, walking, while holding something, like a couch, chair, ottoman, even one of those cool walker toys. Just recently several have witnessed him standing on his own. Oh yeah, did I say, he will be 11 months old on the 12th?  Yeah, crazy!!! Just yesterday, after jmejr was finished helping his sweet precious mother mix together the ingredients for some great biscuits, he stepped off the (two-step) step stool and said, “Daddy, let’s go outside”. As we were heading for the door, my precious WLW shrieked, not loudly but in a way to say, “Oh my goodness”.  I turned to see our 11 month old, cje, climbing to the second step of the step stool. Crazy! Well we thought he would be safe, maybe we would be safe, if we took cje with us outside, so we did. After some time scooting around the yard, I found cje climbing the steps to go to the back door. As our good friend would say, “OH my stars!”Life changes. 

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