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The Golden Compass: Anti-Christian or just a book?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What are your thoughts?

Links to the Movie in case you are not aware of it:

  • IMBD Site
  • Official Movie Site
  • Official Movie Blog
  • Our very own WisTV does a story
  • Just some “To Think” questions?

  • To one who knows no Christ, is this movie any different than a Tolkien tale or a Lewis tale?
  • Would a non-Christian know that a Tolkien Tale or Lewis Tale to be a movie about Christianianity or written by a Christian?
  • Can a movie be evil
  • Can a movie tell the story of the Gospel and not use Jesus’ name throughout?
  • Would you continue to support a production company that would push the agenda of a movie which may be Anti-Christian (before you answer this, see this link as to what movies this company has already produced. See any which you may want to see or are shocked to see?
  • Want to know the story, see
    The Story of The Golden Compass

    Terminology: The Language of The Golden Compass (Kind of like a Dictionary)

    ****Updated**** at 12:30 pm on Nov. 26
    Here are several additional links. I like the one from Breakpoint as it is probably more reliable and inline with what “our” thoughts and approach should be like:

  • Breakpoint Article
  • CBS news
  • NY Magazine
  • An Interesting article from the Catholic League
  • The Associated Content

  • ****Updated**** at 3:30 pm on Nov. 26

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