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Marriage, Noted by Sir Winston Churchill

Sunday, November 11, 2007

As you know I have been reading a synopsis bio on Sir Winston Churchill. The book I am reading is “Never Give In“. It is a part of the Leaders in Action series published by Cumberland House.

He was married to a lady who was 180 degrees different than he in every case but one. They both knew what it took to have a married life which they could say, “I married…and lived happily ever afterwards”, even in their more than 55 years together. Here is what he wrote of their marriage,
“they endured largely because they admitted their inadequacies, fed their intimacy at any cost , and understood their marriage in the sustaining light of eternity.” The three and a half pages (very small pages as the book is sized as 5″ by 6″ in width and height) which consist of the chapter entitled, Marriage, is well worth reading, just to say in the difficult times, “Ahhh.”

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