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John The Baptist and Camouflage

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Children say the funniest things. Well our jmejr is a part of this group.

Yesterday for our family devotion, I read from Bishop Ryle’s “Expository Thoughts on the Gospels” Matthew volume. It was near the beginning on John the Baptist. JMEjr heard what he wore as clothing (Camel skin) and what he ate (locust and honey). This morning after our time reading, jmejr wanted to read “daddy’s book”, which is Bishop Ryle’s Expository Thoughts. So I cleaned his hands, gave him some guidelines to follow and allowed him to read. He wanted to read it to mommy. So I asked what he was going to read and he said, Abraham, Joseph and Isaac. After me sharing with him that those stories are not directly told in this book, I began to ask him about who we read about yesterday. He said John the Baptist. So now we are all on track. He is reading along and we ask him what JTB ate, he said bugs, syrup and birds (and maybe he throw a PINECONE in also). We helped him with the proper words, Locust and Honey and no pinecones. My precious WLW asked him what JTB wore. We could tell he was stumped and needed a little help, so we began to sound the word out for him. . . “Ca” (nothing). “Cam” (still nothing). “Camel” we said, out from his mouth comes, “Camouflage”. He and I just happened to have camo on as our clothes yesterday, so it was fresh within his mind.

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