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John Churchill’s ‘Victory Column’

Friday, November 2, 2007

John Churchill’s ‘Victory Column’ written 2 centuries prior to Winston Churchill’s birth describe in an uncanny manner the life of Sir Winston Churchill:

“The Hero not only of his Nation, but of his Age:
Whose Glory was equal in the Council and in the Field;
Who, by Wisdom, Justice, Candour, and Address,
Reconcil’d various, and even opposite Interests;
Acquired an Influence
Which no Rank, no Authority can give,
Nor any Force, but that of superior Virtue;
Became the fixed important Center
Which united, In one commom Cause,
The principal States of Europe;
Who, by military Knowledge, and irresistible Valour,
In a long series of uniterrupted Triumphs,
Broke the Power of France,
When raised the highest, when exerted the most,
Rescued the Empire from Desolation,
Asserted and confirmed the Liberties of Europe.”

This was written by Viscount Bolingbroke as a commission by the first Duke (John Churchill) of Marlborough’s widow.

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