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To Kill A Bug

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Children’s Ministry has begun to send out the texts which will be covered in each Sunday school class. So the SS lessons for 11-4-07 are as follows:

  • Toddler Genesis 37
  • Pre-school Genesis 3
  • K-5/1 Genesis 24; 25:20-34; Genesis 27:1-45
  • 2nd-3rd Exodus 35,36,40
  • 4th-6th John 2:1-10
  • This is to equip the parents of the children to be the primary teacher of the lesson to their child(ren) and for the child to be prepared when he comes into the Sunday school class. We also do this with the Adult Sunday school text as well as the morning and evening sermon texts.

    Our home has enjoyed this and though it may not be exactly the same lesson which the curriculum writers intend for the child to learn, it is what you desire for them to learn.

    Last night we were reading the passage for his upcoming SS class which is Genesis 37. And what I do is for the first couple of days (or readings) is just read it, if their are familiar names from previous readings I will highlight them and ask himn if he remembers who that person is, etc., or if sections of Scripture were passed over, we may review what happened in the passages skipped if they relate to where we are now. As we were reading Genesis 37 (Joseph’s Dream, Joseph Being Sold), we read (vs. 18) “before he (Joseph) came near to them (the brothers) they conspired against to kill him.” JMEjr stopped me by saying, “Excuse me daddy.” “Yes?” “Excuse me daddy. Um. Um. Let’s not. . . Let’s not kill Joseph. . . Let’s kill bugs.” “That’s a great idea. Let’s read and see what they do and if anyone else (Reuben also agrees) thinks that also.” I believe Scripture may mention it one more time, I know for sure, maybe two more times about killing Joseph and each time JMEjr said the same thing.

    If JMEjr were only there, well it would have turned out the same…For God’s Glory.

    “Out of the mouth of babes”

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