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Monergism Books Launches Major Website Upgrade

Friday, October 5, 2007

New and improved reformed Monergism Books Website is now here!

Completely redesigned, redeveloped, and reformed

New and improved features:

> Customer profile: Now you can save your personal information so that you don’t have to reenter it every time you make a purchase. In addition, your profile will keep track of your purchase history.

> Easier browsing: Our products have been completely re-categorized to make it even easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Now you can also browse for titles according to the publisher.

> Improved search functions: We now offer an advanced search function in addition to the basic search. Also, search results now display images of the book covers for quicker identification.

> Recommendations: Many items now have a section with several related items that you may also like. In addition, each product page displays a list of products also purchased by customers who purchased that product.

> Customer reviews: Now you can read what other customers think about a particular item, and you can also post your own reviews for others to read.

> Wish list: You can create and save a list of products that you wish to purchase at a later date.

> Product ratings: You can rate each product (on a scale of one to five stars) for your own personal reference as a way to record your research and increase the efficiency of your shopping.

> Email items to friends: You can now email product pages to a friend to whom you want to recommend certain items.

> Affiliate program: As a shopkeeper or blogger, you can now earn store credit for cross selling our products on your website. If customers make purchases on Monergism Books as a result of clicking through a link on your site, you will receive a commission.

Enter Here

* * Also, be sure to take advantage of our even better price for economy shipping. For only $3.99 we will ship an unlimited number of items (in the continental US). * *

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