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Holiness; 4. The Fight (point 2); JC Ryle

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

II. True Christianity is the fight of faith

This section is spent much on ‘faith’ and its ‘believing in that which is not seen’ and gaining hope and strength from that faith to fight in the warfare.

a) A general faith in the truth of God’s written Word is the PRIMARY FOUNDATION of the Christian soldier’s character.
– he believes certain propositions revealed and laid down in the Holy Scripture
– as for true Christians, faith is the very backbone of their spiritual existence; “No one ever fights earnestly against the world, the flesh, and the devil, unless he has graven on his heart certain great principles which he believes.”

b) A special faith in our Lord Jesus Christ’s person, work, and office, is the LIFE, HEART, and MAINSPRING of the Christian soldier’s character
– he sees by faith an unseen Saviour
– he sees his many sins
– he sees a mighty Saviour, an interceding Saviour, a sympathizing Saviour
“Seeing Him he cheerfully fights on, with a full confidence that he will prove “Romams 8:37”.

c) Habitually lively faith in Christ’s presence and readiness to help is the SECRET of the Christian soldier fighting unsuccessfully
– “according tot the degree of his faith the Christian fights well or ill, wins victories, or suffers occasional repulses. Comes off triumphant, or loses a battle”
– “nothing enables him to bear the fatigue of watching, struggling, and wrestling against sin, like the inswelling confidence that Christ is on his side and success is sure”

The following is stated 5 times in next 30ish lines, in some form of the sentence, when speaking of our first fathers, our first century fathers, our Protestant Reformation fathers, and our fathers of the last 100 years:
“Let us remember that believing did it all” & “they won their victory by faith”

Pray for a continual increase of faith.

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