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Ten Questions for Expositor Preaching

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Has a new craze begun? Are we a part of something bigger, a new trend? I have been blessed to sit under invaluable preaching which comes in a form of Expository Preaching. Over the past year we have read many posts on “10 Questions for Expositor Preaching”. I have had an opportunity to ask a pastor at Christ Church, for his insight. He has been pastoring at Christ Church for a little over a year now and is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary.

10 Questions for Expositors

1. Where do you place the importance of preaching in the grand scheme of church life?
The word of God coupled with the Holy Spirit is the primary agent in both the salvation of the lost, and the continued transformation of the regenerate elect. As such, I would afford the preaching of God’s word, along with prayer, the place of utmost importance in the life of the church.

2. In a paragraph, how did you discover your gifts in preaching?
The Lord allowed me several opportunities to teach at a very early age, and thus to receive outward confirmation from members of the body concerning those gifts.

3. How long (on average) does it take you to prepare a sermon?
This obviously depends on a number of factors and may change depending upon the movement of the Spirit, but on average I would say at least ten hours.

4. Is it important to you that a sermon contain one major theme or idea? If so, how do you crystallize it?
Biblical passages often contain several themes and thus I do not think it vital that a sermon contain a single theme. However, I do trust that a faithful exegesis of the passage will lead the expositor to an overarching theme or idea. That theme will serve as a thread and can then be woven throughout the length of the message.

5. What is the most important aspect of a preacher’s style and what should he avoid?
The most important aspect of a preacher’s “style” is that it be his style and not that of another. God has gifted us with unique personalities and the true preacher will yield to the Spirit’s movement through his God given traits. The expositor, though he must always be learning from other more gifted expositors, must avoid the temptation to “mimic” those he loves and observes.

6. What notes, if any, do you use?
If I use notes at all it will be a skeletal outline that provides “markers” for my mind with regard to key points. Adequate preparation and trust in the Spirit will allow for this, and will enable the expositor to move with the Spirit and any changes He should desire to bring.

7. What are the greatest perils that a preacher must avoid?

  • Faulty character
  • Lack of preparation

8. How do you fight to balance preparation for preaching with other important responsibilities (eg. pastoral care, leadership responsibilities)?

  • Be purposed in everything you do.
  • See your time as God’s and not yours. (You have no “free” time.)
  • Be willing to sacrifice yourself. (You are the bondservant of the Lord.)

9. What books on preaching, or exemplars of it, have you found most influential in your own preaching?
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Preaching and Preachers

10. What steps do you take to nurture or encourage developing or future preachers?

  1. Provide opportunities for young men to teach that they might confirm their giftedness or lack thereof.
  2. Mentor young seminarians.

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  1. James McManus permalink
    Thursday, September 27, 2007 1:36 pm

    Hey Josh – if you could send me these questions without Frank’s answers, that would be great. Do you want me to send you my answers? Thanks!

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