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The Danger of Delay, George Swinnock

Saturday, September 22, 2007

“The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved” (Jeremiah 8:20).

“Do you find by experience that the longer you delay, the farther you wander from God and holiness, and the more unfit you are for, and the more unwilling to, the work of conversion? Is it not time therefore to turn with speed, when continuance in sin insensibly hardens your heart, and gradually indisposes it to the work of repentance? As the ground, so is your heart, the longer it lies fallow, not ploughed up, the harder it will be. Will you go one step father from God, when you must come back every step, and that by ‘Weeping-cross’ all the way, or be damed forever? …
A stain which has been long in clothes is not easily washed out; a house that has long run will require the more cost and labour for its reparation; diseases that have been long in the body are cured, if at all, with much difficulty. The devil which had possessed the man from his infancy was hardly cast out, and not without much rending and raging (Mark 9:21-26). Satan thinks his evidence as good as eleven points at law, now that he has got possession. The longer he continues commander-in-chief in the royal fort of your heart, the more he fortifies it against God, and strengthens himself against the Almighty.
All the while you delay, God is more provoked, the wicked one more encouraged, your heart more hardened, your debts more increased, your souls more endangered, and all the difficulties of conversion daily more and more multiplied upon you, having a day more to repent of, and a day less to repent in.”

– George Swinnock, A Homiletic Encyclopedia, p. 1446

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