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Friends; Around the Web, EARLY, EARLY Edition

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Since our faithful group of bluegrass players were not faithful last night and idid not play, we had our friends the Parker Pages over to our home. Lauren and CJE were suppose to go to an Edgren’s birthday party but my WLW was not feeling all that well and found it difficult to go, so shce called and with much understanding the wonderful matriarch of the the Edgren family understood. So what did I suggest, well I suggested what is often called the Bonnett. It is not only named after our doctor but our good friends, the Bonnetts. It consisted of a meal from Zaxby’s. Yesterday also happened to be Lah Lah’s half birthday. Which means to say that today is CJE’s halfbirthday. So it was a great excuse to do a Zaxby’s especially since even after being here for about 2 years, Lah Lah has never had Zaxby’s. We enjoy it. Funny how chicken from there and from Chick-Fil-A is still chicken and fried, but tastes different. She seemed to enjoy it and their flavorful sauces, but did not care for one of our new favorites (thank you Bonnetts), the Terriyaki Chicken Finger. MMmmm. It was an enjoyable evening. Guess what? The Pages are coming back over once again. Not sure if Lah Lah is or not.

As you have already seen, JMEjr has been given his ONE warning. Some say, “Poor Fella”.

CJE is doing his crawling more. JMEjr never did an “army – man” crawl. So this is fun to see and experience. eventually, I’ll get some footage on here.

If you have not heard, Aunt Vicky (Mrs. Regine’s sister) will be moving from Florida to NC, Charlotte to be exact. Even more ex exact, very close to Uncle Bill and family. Actually, from what I hear, right next door. She should be here in several weeks.

Around the Web

Also, as you may remember, last week was Pastor Campbell’s last week of teaching the Men’s Bible Study for Christ Church of the Carolinas. The Lord has called him to be a under-shepherd to a group in Anderson, SC who have no under-shepherd. His duties begin their next week. Today Mr. Andy Edgren will teach the Men’s study and Pastor Frank Legare will begin shepherding the group of men which meet each Thursday morning at 7:00. Pastor Campbell has led this group since coming on staff in 2001. This month it will have been 6 years in the running. He has led us through Romans, some of Psalms, a good way through Matthew and several other books. Thank you Pastor Campbell. The church in Anderson has been incorporated as, Christ Reformed Church of the Carolinas. Their site, which is under construction and currently being developed by Mr. Rob Brenan, can be found at Check back often as Rob is continuing to work through the development of its look and feel.

What will Pastor Legare teach? If I can remember, I’ll post it on Monday. If you help me remember, the likelihood that I cawn remember to post it will be even greater. Maybe I should read the link above, “An Idea Log”.

OH, our recent High School Graduate of A.C. Flora (Columbia, SC) has felt the Lord calling him to a 6 month Mission in Africa prior to attending college. Mills Snell who is a member of Christ Church as well as his family has a blog at Mills Mission Africa. He is in a remote location and can not post often, but when he does, he shares about some interesting opportunities he has. Also, because of the way, it works there, he is not able to be too detailed because someone else sends this for him via binary radio code. Pretty cool.

Every Blessing.

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