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Nehemiah 6:4-9

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Read Nehemiah 6:4-9 (link)

Commentary below by William Still, Through the Year with William Still, March 27.

“Nehemiah did not panic. He prayed…’Now strengthen my hands.’ And the Lord did, and obviously prevented any disastrous repercussions developing which might ruin the efforts of a people so deeply intent upon completing the work. It is great to rest in the will of God and know that what He begins, He will accomplish, despite all hell being let loose against Him. He loves a fight, when it is a holy struggle against sin.”

Side note, when you read Nehemiah in general but especially Chapter 4:14, what movie and character does this particular verse remind you of? If I gave any hints you would know right off. It’s a classic for all men.


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